Higg Index

Familiarize with the use of Higg index to ensure environmental and social sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Efficient and effective utilization of resources

Provide a detailed concept about proper utilization of resources

Basic concept of Modern Dyehouse Management

Introducing continuous development of existing and new processes to meet continuing challenges and demands in the wet processing sector

Steam Engineering

Understanding efficient steam distribution system & steam trapping

Solid Waste and ETP Sludge Management

Provides extensive information on all aspects of sludge management

Basic Concept of Fire Safety

Knowledge about the practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire.

Fair and Respectful Work environment

Knowledge about fair and respectful work environment

Productivity Improvement Management and Lean Manufacturing

Familiarize with the related tools and techniques to improve the productivity

Chemical Management, ZDHC and Detox

Provide general guidance on chemical management (including use, storage, transfer, treatment and disposal)

Best Practice in Industrial Energy Efficiency

Introducing latest and best practices available regarding energy efficiency

Water and Waste Water Management System

Enhance waste water monitoring and management by following test method of USEPA and WHO

Calculation of GHG emission and CDM

Provide a detailed concept about calculation of GHG emission

Workplace/Occupational health and safety

Assessment and migration of risks that may impact the health, safety or welfare in workplace

Incident Investigation and Reporting

Root cause analysis of an incident and concept about the reporting format

Gender and WASH

Intensive training on Gender and WASH

Audit Protocol (BSCI, SEDEX, GOTS)

Knowhow of audit protocol and knowledge about BSCI, SEDEX and GOTS