Description of Project

The aim of the program is to:

– Build the capacities of management and workers on “cleaner production” and “environmental management systems” to achieve set quantitative and qualitative targets for sustainable water, energy and chemical use, and re-use, in manufacturing processes; pollution prevention; and waste-water treatment.

-Support production companies to implement recommended projects to these targets at the factory level.

-Catalyze a self-perpetuating shift towards sustainable water use in production and water risk mitigation.

Develop, or adapt as instructed, a format for a baseline assessment for all textile production units. This format should take into consideration the different types of wet processes at the different units such as: washing, dyeing, finishing units, garment unit.

Carry out a baseline assessment at each textile production unit to identify areas where improvements can be made.

Develop or adapt a standard format for an overall action plan for the units. For each recommended improvement – feasibility and return on investment should be forecasted. The return on investment could be in the form of reducing operational costs or any increase in efficiency and profitability.

Develop a Unit Assessment Report and Action Plan for each unit indicating baselines, suggested improvements, quick wins and return on investments and improvements against baselines, as well as other KPIs will be produced towards the end of the project.

ERI shall support factories to implement improvements agreed on by both parties in the Action Plan formulated as a result of the previously mentioned assessment conducted by the and shall monitor these improvements.

Workshops on Water and Energy Efficiency, Chemical Management, Wastewater, ETP, Solid-Waste and Environmental Management Systems will be conducted by ERI.

Short Details

No. of Staff :  Ten Engineers
Start Date :  February 1, 2015
End Date :  December 1, 2015

Contact Person

Rami Abdelrahman, Project Manager, Contract ref: Project Number: 43-41300, Stockholm International Water Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.