Description of Project

The challenges facing textile units in Bangladesh in securing power include high cost, unreliable or unavailable grid power. In these situations, many users deploy a dedicated power plant (often-using much costlier diesel fuel) to satisfy electric and thermal energy needs (purely for self-generation).

• To assess the local policy, regulatory and licensing environment for renewable energy including solar PV and PV hybrid solutions for captive commercial and industrial use, and other market mechanisms, particularly from the perspective of the textile industry of Bangladesh. This would include assessment on wheeling, banking, net metering, and available renewable energy certificates/credits (RECs).
• Assessment of new or developing regulatory changes, broader government announced national and local renewable energy policies.
• Identify market areas where grid-parity is already there or is projected to be reached in 1-2 years (e.g., diesel burning factories in Bangladesh).
• Investment climate assessment/commercial framework for private investments in renewable energy in terms of tax regime, local debt availability and terms, currency convertibility etc.
• High-level assessments of resource availability of commercially viable renewable energy supply options (e.g., ground or rooftop solar PV, wind, biomass, small hydro).
• High level assessment of the potential for captive power generation within the textile industry using renewable energy options including estimate for rooftop solar PV and PV Hybrid captive power generation potential.
• To estimate the total financing requirement of the textile industry for a certain percentage of renewable energy/ rooftop solar PV and PV Hybrid solution uptake.
• High-level assessment of business models of solution providers and suppliers and EPCs for the priority renewable energy market segments (e.g., ground or rooftop solar PV, PV Hybrid, wind, biomass).

Short Details

No. of Staff :  7 Engineers
Start Date :  August 22, 2017
End Date :  October 23, 2017

Contact Person

Abhishek Kaustabh, Manager at Deloitte, Mob: +919560600503, Email: [email protected]