Description of Project

As part of the CEA project activities supported by USAID, ISC plans to extend learnings of the CEA project in India to the textile sector in India to Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the program aims to identify opportunities for accelerating clean technology, by conducting a clean technology opportunity assessment in Bangladesh, generating results that can inform the subsequent advancement of clean technology deployment by the textile industry. The program also aims to share its learnings with Bangladesh, from its work on cleantech adoption in textile SMEs in India. In this regard, ISC plans to engage Engineering Resources International (ERI) Ltd. as local consultants (“Consultant”) to implement the clean technology (cleantech)

Short Details

No. of Staff :  6 Engineers
Start Date :  May 20, 2020
End Date :  September 15, 2020

Contact Person

Amit Kumar Singh, Parihar Program Officer, India EHS+ Program