Description of Project

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) undertook an engagement
“Business Plan Development for the Bangladesh Wastewater Treatment Sector Treating
Textile Manufacturing Effluent” under the Bangladesh PaCT (Partnership for Cleaner
Textile)) program, an initiative implemented by IFC in partnership with the Bangladesh
Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

The survey aimed to undertake an analysis to develop a textile-wastewater treatment
(TWWT) market in Bangladesh serviced by private TWWT companies to stimulate a textile
wastewater treatment market with increased private sector investment in treatment
facilities. IFC has appointed CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions Ltd. and ERI, Bangladesh
as consultant to undertake the study.

Short Details

No. of Staff :  10 Engineers
Start Date :  September 27, 2018
End Date :  November 30, 2018

Contact Person

Darshan Parikh, CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions Limited , India.