Description of Project

The goal of the project is to reduce environmental and social impacts that results from prevailing practices in textile wet processing, particularly excessive extraction of groundwater and surface water pollution, but including energy and chemical use. Program results will improve the global and local “license to operate” of the textile sector in Bangladesh and strengthen its long term competitiveness.

Conduct a baseline assessment on all performance indicators and prepare a menu of measures for CP, EMS, OHS, WASH, Gender and water foot print.

Form a CP team in each factory, and train the CP team (on developing a systematic approach of identifying and implementing CP, EMS, OHS, WASH and Gender measures).

Together with factories develop a strategy and a plan of action for each factory to achieve the targets.

Conduct regular follow up visits and offer implementation support and training to the factories.

Conduct and participate in the factory debriefing meetings.

Monitor the progress of the implementation of the measures and improvement in factories.

Assist the project partners and provide related relevant project related material and input to develop project related publications.

Short Details

No. of Staff :  Twenty Engineers
Start Date :  December 1, 2014
End Date :  June 1, 2016

Contact Person

IFC, World Bank Group