Description of Project

The Project will deploy a two-phase model of investing in efficiency measures, which will allow for improvements in resource and material use efficiency, health and safety and improved workplace conditions. These improvements will be further supported through a program of training for factory management, supervisors and workers. The Project aims to create the framework for the broad application and implementation of improved environmental protection and worker safety in a large number of Asian textile and garment factories.
This Project pertains to the design, preparation and execution of the training program in pilot factories

Training on:
• Productivity Improvement
• Resources Efficiency
• Safe Work Environment
• Fair and Respectful Work Environment
• Embedding
• Environmental Management System
• WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Short Details

No. of Staff :  17 Engineers
Start Date :  November 1, 2016
End Date :  June 30, 2017

Contact Person

Judy Kuszewski, Email: [email protected]