Description of Project

• Assessment and identification of savings opportunities on current usage of water, energy and chemicals and wastewater discharge in factory for processing in a more efficient/less wasteful manner.
• Identification of various options and investment plan to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption in the textile processing and improvement in ETP and WTP
• Improving water and energy efficiency at factory level and making the factory owners and decision makers aware of advantages of investing in technologies that significantly reduce consumption of energy, water and chemical use
• Collection and compilation of baseline data from factories so as to undertake the tasks identified by the international experts to support factories to complete the homework in factories
• Calculation of water, chemical, energy savings potential in financial terms and cost for implementing the identified measures
• Developing factory assessment reports and final monitoring reports with an action plan which includes current consumption, saving opportunities, technology options, investment, payback period for each factor

Short Details

No. of Staff :  2 Engineering Consultants
Start Date :  May 24, 2016
End Date :  December 31, 2017

Contact Person

Dr. Maximilian Martin, Founder & CEO, Impact Economy; E-mail: : [email protected]