Mr. Akber Hakim, MD & CEO of ERI Ltd. conducts Leadership seminar at UIU

Engineering Resources International (ERI) Ltd. is pleased to announce that Mr. Akber Hakim, MD & CEO of the company conducted a seminar titled “Leadership & How to Win in Life,” on 10th March, 2014 at United International University (UIU). The program was organized by the Career Counseling Center of UIU and was designed to give the young graduates a flavor of what true leadership is all about and how one can achieve it.

Mr. Hakim talked about many important traits that a true leader must possess and various skills that a worthy leader must have. He emphasized on the importance of Soft skills and Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) in contrast to Technical skills and Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The seminar was really interesting to the audience as Mr. Hakim cited examples from his personal life and hada very lively interaction with the students. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed the seminar and also learned a lot from it. UIU authorities were very pleased with the seminar and appreciated that Mr. Hakim made time for it from his busy schedule.


Professor Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan, EEE Dept. of UIU and Mr. ManjurulHaque Khan, Head of UIU Career Counseling Center were present in the seminar. At the end of the program, Mr. Habib Abu Ibrahim, Treasurer, UIU presented Mr. Hakim with a crest as a token of gratitude on behalf of the university.