Dr. M Nazmul Karim’s Reception held by ERI Ltd.

22On 8th March 2014, Engineering Resources International (ERI) Ltd. held a reception/dinner of Dr. M Nazmul Karim, one of the share holders of the company, at Steak House, Gulshan, Dhaka. Mr. Karim is a proud holder of the Michael O’Connor Chair II and Professor & Head of Department, Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Needless to say, ERI Ltd. is very proud to be associated with such a renowned individual.

Many top industrialists, scholars, high ranked Government officials of the country graced the program through their presence. To mention a few, the Ex-President of DCCI, CEO of EnergyPac, Vice Chancellor of Ahsanullah University, CEO of Shah Cement and many others. It was a moment of honor and pleasure for Mr. Akber Hakim, MD & CEO of ERI Ltd., when he welcomed the esteemed guests and gave the floor to Mr. Jasimuz Zaman, Chairman of the Board of the company, who then introduced Mr. Karim to the guests. Mr. Karim talked about the importance of Safety at Workplace and emphasized that it is indeed very essential for Bangladesh since the incidents of Tazreen Fashion and Rana Plaza. Both Mr. Hakim and Mr. Zaman echoed Mr. Karim’s sentiments and said that focusing on workplace-safety would definitely bring benefits for the economy in the long run. After a delicious dinner, the party was brought to an end.