Temperature and Rainfall

Shammunul Islam

Temperature and Rainfall of Different Regions in Bangladesh

Temperature and rainfall are two indicators of the state of climate. In this post, we have visualized mean monthly maximum and minimum temperature, and average rainfall in different regions of Bangladesh. We have used data from the book ‘Climate Change, Sea-level Rise and Development in Bangladesh’ written by Hugh Brammer.

For the months of July and August, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Dhaka witnessed an increase in maximum temperature in the period from 1999-2008. Sylhet and Chittagong saw an increase in maximum temperature in the months within September and March. This tells us that Sylhet and Chittagong recently had higher maximum temperature in the autumn and winter seasons.

Minimum temperature for Rajshahi and Dhaka increased for July-August period. It is to be noted that except for May, there was an increase in minimum temperature for all months for Sylhet. For Chittagong, January, April, October and December witnessed an increase in minimum temperature.

In the case of mean seasonal rainfall, we don’t observe any increase or any particular trend. We see a fluctuation in mean rainfall for Rajshahi, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong where no particular season showing any trend or changing pattern.