Demographic Momentum

Shammunul Islam

Bangladesh is enjoying demographic momentum now as it has more people in the adolescents and youth group than any other age group. According to World Health Organization (WHO), young people aged between 10 and 19 years are considered as adolescents. It is estimated that Bangladesh has 28 million adolescent (10-19 years) where 13.7 million are girls and the rest 14.3 million are boys.

This poses a great opportunity for Bangladesh as these adolescents if reared up correctly provided with quality education, life skill can further speed up the momentum of economic growth Bangladesh is having now. We can see in the below animation that starting from around 2025-30, total number of adolescents will start to decrease and in around 2050, senior citizens (50-54 age group) will be the leading age group toppling the youth groups.

What does this signify for us? This underscores the significance of further investing in youths without any further ado as starting from 2030, the number of youths will slowly decline meaning that the dividend that we can reap by investing now will decrease in future (due to less youths in future). We need to further our investment in youths as the demographic window of opportunity is closing down very soon. We need to remember that once it is gone, it takes many decades to return.