We are affiliated with the world-famous Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Centre (MKOPSC) of Texas A&M University. We bring tools & resources to local businesses in helping them to graduate to international standards in Safety and Hazard management. Our main task is to develop risk management strategies to help businesses minimize losses by taking precautions towards unwanted events and also to minimize costs after accidents and incidents do occur.

We have also created a Chemical Safety Goals program to assess the status of chemical safety in Bangladesh. The program involves establishing a baseline for measuring chemical incidents; identify trends in incidents, injuries, and fatalities; analyzing causes and consequences; and measuring public trust and community interaction.

We also provide certification by MKOPSC on implementation of Conduct of Operation (COO) and Operational Discipline (OD). The COO and OD documents are the embodiment of an organization’s values and principles in their management system.

Our Advisor to the Safety & Loss Prevention Centre is the renowned expert – Dr. M. Sam Mannan. Dr. Mannan is the Director of MKOPS Center at the Texas Engineering Experiment Station. He spearheads projects that include hazard assessment and risk analysis, process hazard identification HAZOP (hazard and operability) studies, vulnerability assessment, process safety management and risk management. He co-authored the Guidelines for Safe Process Operations and Maintenance published by the Center for Chemical Process Safety American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He is the editor of the 3rd and 4th edition of the 3-volume authoritative reference for process safety and loss prevention Lees’ Loss Prevention in the Process Industries.