Engineering Resources International Ltd and Reed Consulting Bangladesh Ltd have come forward under the name of ‘ERI-RCB ENGINEERING CONSORTIUM’ to work in the Textile field by employing state of the art methodologies in Energy Auditing and Cleaner Production work. This Joint Venture brings together national and international experience in Cleaner Production and energy auditing to minimize energy, water and chemical consumption in the textile industry. RCB with ERI deploys a wide array of engineering expertise that gives us a significant advantage in building local capacity. This consortium believes in Win-Win-Win proposition where factory owners win through increased benefits, Employees win through higher standards and Environment wins through reduced consumption of natural resources as well as pollution. Currently ERI-RCB Engineering Consortium is concentrating on the following World Bank projects.

1. ‘CP Cluster Workshops and 10 Achiever water and energy diagnostic factory workshops’

2. ‘Promoting Cleaner Production in the washing/dyeing/finishing areas of Textile Industries in Bangladesh’

For the above projects tasks that are ongoing- working with international consulting firm, developed pre-implementation questionnaires, conducted baseline audits, identified and reported improvements, assisting factories in implementation of agreed improvements. The whole cleaner production program has been designed in such a way that it leads to a factory on getting sustainable and eco-efficient solutions to optimize the production process as well as resource consumptions.