We at ERI understand the multidimensional aspects of water and effluent treatment. The goal of water treatment is to produce water fit for a specific purpose, whether industrial or municipal while disposal of residual waste water to safeguard the environment is the premise of effluent treatment.

Our broad range of services cover state of the art approach to the design, installation and commissioning of water treatment systems for industrial, municipal, pollution control and effluent treatment purposes. Regardless of size, complexity or challenging conditions, ERI has the capacity to deliver its services on-time and within budget to our clients.

For a Living Planet

The rapid growth within the last two decades in textile and dyeing, tanneries, paper, plastics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, soap and cosmetics is causing significant damage to the environment. Thus clearing up the water pollution and the environmental degradation must remain a top priority of the government, the industry and the technology providers. The use of conventional water and waste water treatment processes becomes increasingly challenged with the identification of more and more contaminants, rapid growth of population and industrial activities, and diminishing availability of water resources.

ERI’s approach to waste water handling is to develop comprehensive and environmentally friendly solutions keeping focus on recycle and reuse of waste water. ERI specialists provide services on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Best Available Technology (BAT), and issues related to standards and codes.