Energy, whether for power generation or for process heat, should not be considered just an overhead to run a business. Energy is as important as any other valuable raw material and this must be managed well in order to increase profitability. Improved energy efficiency also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. With current awareness for the environment, energy efficiency improvement program must be part of a company’s management system.

Energy audit is the necessary tool to identify opportunities for energy management and savings. It establishes “ground zero,” the base from which the progress and success of energy management can be measured.

ERI specialists will identify the root factors that reduce energy utilization efficiency. Opportunities for energy savings can range from the simplest, such as lighting retrofits, to the most complex such as the installation of a cogeneration plant for a thermal power station. The energy efficiency and productivity of plant and process operations are tracked and compared against appropriate bench marking modules. Our focus is on major energy usage areas and to remember the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule, seeks opportunities that provide 80% of the saving but require 20% input. After the preliminary identification of opportunities, more efforts are dedicated on items which have shorter payback periods.


We have moved beyond…

But we go beyond one off energy audit. We can plan for you leaner, more productive and sustainable operations by prioritizing energy and capacity usage thus improving the demand-side of energy management. ERI’s Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Services (EESS) team offers comprehensive energy solutions from planning through design and implementation to help you reduce energy costs.

Bringing our energy management approach and our problem solving and engineering skill, we will work closely with you in an ongoing manner to develop and implement energy efficiency projects that addresses the need of your organization.

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