Safety & Loss Prevention


The Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention Program in ERI is developed to reduce workplace injuries. Its goals are to build local and regional capacity, one step at a time to international standards by promoting best practices and a safety culture among businesses and industries. As businesses get global and international laws and regulations get stricter local industries have to rapidly adapt to the changing realities to survive in the global marketplace.

ERI provides companies with Safety audits, Gap Analysis as well as Certifications that is accepted worldwide. We also provide the following services –

  • Baseline survey on individual enterprises leading to up-gradation of procedures and practices;
  • Technical support, Education and Training to upper management as well as grassroots level    employees;
  • Presenting engineering solutions and technological innovations in operational process safety and loss prevention to the end user; and
  • Formulating programs and tools for education and awareness among the general public regarding Process Safety.

Solutions For a Small Planet

Through our affiliation with the famous Mary Kay O’ Connor Process Safety Centre (MKOPSC), USA, we provide services to government and industry that include independent accident investigation and analysis services, particularly for accidents suggesting new phenomena or complex technologies.

The center helps private and public enterprises evaluate and minimize risk. Under development is an information system that will include computer databases and user interfaces to provide easy access to and analysis of information related to process safety, including case histories, equipment and human reliability. We have created a Safety Goals program to assess the status of safety standards in Bangladesh.

The program involves establishing a baseline for measuring chemical incidents; identify trends in incidents, injuries, and fatalities; analyzing causes and consequences; and measuring public trust and community interaction.

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